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As Goes Wisconsin, So Goes the Nation.
As Goes Dane County, So Goes Wisconsin.

Vote No on both August 13!

Summer Canvasses & More!

Democracy Depends on You

Election Day may be months away, but work is already in full swing to elect Democrats up and down the ballot this fall.


As always, Wisconsin will be pivotal in the Presidential election and Dane County is pivotal to winning Wisconsin.  A recent Politico article called Dane County “a Republican Killing Death Star” because of our success in getting out the vote. “What Democrats are doing in Wisconsin”, said one Republican strategist , “is truly making it impossible for Republicans to win a statewide race”.  


Statewide elections in Wisconsin are won and lost by 2 votes per ward! In 2016, Trump won by 22,748 votes and in 2020 Biden won by 20,682 votes. We can make up that difference right here in Dane County IF we get every Dem voter to the polls!


The importance of the November 5th election is impossible to overstate. EVERY ISSUE IS ON THE BALLOT because democracy itself is on the ballot. We need you and everyone you know who cares about these issues to get involved. There is a place for you in this effort.  

Ready to help?